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November 12, 2018
I have been coming here for quite a few years now, it being one of the only all you can eat japanese restaurants left in Richmond, year after year it just seems to be getting worse. Every time we place an order we have to always order more just to get at least a decent amount of food. If we order 5 orders of chickin teriyaki, we always only get 1 even though we have 4 people at the table. If we order 10 orders of california rolls we only get 15 california rolls which is 5 orders so we are missing the other 5. It is the same during every order we make, we are either jipped for the amount of food we order or we don't recieve it at all. Not only that I was just there recently where a server seemed super concerned about the amount of food I was ordering. I told it is was fine. She confirmed my order the food was brought but my california rolls were held for 45 mins, so we just assumed we were not getting them and decided to get up and leave after we finished our food. As we were getting up the server came to our table and still asked us if we wanted the california rolls. I am extremely disappointed in the service. Not only is the server telling me how much I can eat, and not giving me the food, she is also holding my order for 45 mins. I would like to state that If I order too much and I don't eat it, that is my problem not your servers. I am pretty sure I have money. If the server is so concerned about my financials she should really learn how to mind her own business and just do her job and not make customers wait 45 mins for food. This is not the first time either. The reason I am posting this now is because I am getting quite fed up with the customer service which is so poorly executed at this establishment.

October 14, 2018
Bad service!!! I went to the one near Aberdeen with my friends. The spring roll was cold, and they never gave us the right amount we ordered. We had to remind them but the amount still didn’t match. At the checkout, the lady asked for extra tips and kept saying “tips aren’t included in the price.” Never going back here again and do not recommend this place!